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Nutrition Coaching

Achieve lasting results while eating your favourite foods

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Confused on how to eat for your goals?
Want to achieve lasting results while eating your favourite foods?

Welcome to our nutrition coaching service, where we focus on long-term health without sacrificing the foods you love. Say goodbye to restrictive diets and hello to sustainable habits that bring lasting results.

Tailored to your goals, preferences, and lifestyle - we’ll create a plan that works for you so you can take control and perform at your best, every day.

What's  Included

Complimentary initial consult
Personalised nutrition plan
Fortnightly progress
Support & resources
Available online or face-to-face at Habitat Gym. Spend 60 minutes with Coach Shaz and be guided through a collaborative approach in building the habits and steps needed to reach your goals.
Get your tailored sample day meal plan based on your personal food preferences and current lifestyle delivered via the Nutrishaz client app.
Check-in with Coach Shaz fortnightly, including a 45 minute 1:1 zoom call to review progress, brainstorm solutions to any challenges, and fine-tune your plan.
Got a question? Or stuck on meal ideas? Get access to Coach Shaz through her weekly chat support. Plus, gain exclusive access to the nutrition education vault, packed with guidebooks, cheat sheets, templates, and more via the Nutrishaz client app.

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Meet your nutrition coach

Meet Sharyne Ocsing, affectionately known as "Coach Shaz," the visionary founder of her online sports nutrition coaching business - Nutrishaz Nutrition Coaching.

Coach Shaz is on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive nutrition. With a passion for breaking down myths and misconceptions around food, Coach Shaz is committed to providing evidence-based, practical knowledge that empowers individuals to make informed, sustainable changes on their path to achieving optimal health and fitness.

Coach Shaz works with a range of individuals from all walks of life - from high level athletes to health-seeking individuals, to total beginners!

Our Pricing

Nutrition Coaching
Minimum 4 month commitment
60 minute initial consultation (online or face-to-face)
Personalised nutrition plan
Fortnightly online check-in forms
Fortnightly 45 minute 1:1 zoom calls
Weekly chat support via Nutrishaz client app
Access to nutrition education vault
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Each client gets a complimentary example day of eating based on their food preferences and lifestyle/schedule. Coach Shaz educates you on how to create meals of your own that are aligned with your health and fitness goals. Long term, we want to build your confidence and nutrition knowledge to the point where you have complete autonomy over your food choices!
Utilising kitchen scales can be an effective tool for learning about portion sizes and helping to develop some consistency in building meals - however, they are not the only way. Many of Coach Shaz's clients achieve great results and develop a great understanding of nutrition without having to weigh their foods throughout coaching.
We don’t use the term "cheat meal", as there is a negative connotation and implies the meal must be extremely unhealthy. We believe all foods have a role, and Coach Shaz educates her clients to consume foods mindfully, and to make choices that are aligned with their health and fitness goals.
Of course not! Coach Shaz works closely with her clients on developing strategies around attending social settings and educating them on the importance of a balanced lifestyle.
Coach Shaz works with anyone and everyone! Fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, overall health - her clients are individuals with individual goals. If you have a different goal and want to ensure Coach Shaz is the right fit for you, contact us for a complimentary initial consult before making any commitments to coaching.

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